Forming the heel of Italy’s boot is a sun-bleached region that is home to over 50 million olive trees. That’s right… 50 million. This coastal territory is filled with rich culture, beaches, views, food, wine and much, much more. Pluglia, Italy is the perfect destination for a one of a kind getaway. But let’s talk about what makes it such a special place.


Ostuni, Matera and Lecce are just a few of the very distinct cities that make up the Puglia region, also known as Apulia. These unexpected Italian cities take you away from the busy tourist scenes, and invite you to immerse yourself of the traditions of the land. The coastline is dotted with stunning vineyards and rolling hills, making it the perfect place to take a leisurely drive with the windows down.


The rustic countryside mixed with luxurious cities make Puglia stand out. In Leece you’ll be blown away by the ornate Baroque architecture, flourishing from the early 17th century. In Ostuni, you’ll be amazed by the miles upon miles of winding roads, houses built on hills and tiny gardens flourishing with fresh fruits and vegetables. And in Matera, one of the oldest settlements in the world, you’ll take in the ancient stone towns, referred to as the Sassi which dates back all the way to the Paleolithic Old Stone Age.


This region is a place for explorers, a place to roadtrip and a place to discover new things. The Puglia locals take pride in their traditional recipes and the rich land they live off of. From the wine to the olive oil, Pugia really has it all. 40% of Italian produced olive oil comes from Puglia, and it is also considered one of the largest wine-producing regions in the world. And of course, how could one go to Italy and not indulge in pasta? Made daily, Orecchiette pasta is shaped like little ears. Wander up the stone streets in the morning and you’re bound to see tables of this elephant-ear shaped laying out to dry.


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