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Category : Travel Journal

Truffles  0


If you love truffles, you’ll love Taverna Lucifero in Rome. I recently visited the altar to truffles on a chilly evening in Campo dei Fiori –

London Calling…  0

London is the city I’ve visited the most frequently, over the past 30 + years. I always return to it, time and time again. I’ve choked down the bad food and slogged through the terrible weather on countless occasions –

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The Neighborhoods of Rome  0

My apartment was located in the Prati District in Rome. It was the perfect location to experience Roman life. The neighborhood abuts the Vatican museum and is a comfortable distance away from the tourist crowd who descend upon St.

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Two Months in Europe – Part 1  0

I’ve just returned from two months in Europe. That’s right: two months. What was it like, you wonder? How did you do it, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

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Havana, Day 5  0

DSC_3706Although we started out in Havana this morning, it wasn’t long before we departed for the province of Pinar del Rio and the jewel in it’s crown, Vinales. Vinales is the tobacco growing capitol of Cuba and is the valley from which the best tobacco in the world hails.

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Havana, Day 4  0

Today was a free day. There were so many events scheduled in different places and at different times for the Havana Biennial, that we set aside a day to meander through the streets and sites of Havana independently.

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Havana, Day 3 – The Biennial  0

DSC_3188The Havana Biennial is a city-wide art festival that happens every two years – or therabouts. The 2015 Biennial opened on the 22nd of May and we were there for various events and installations.

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