Category: Travel Journal

Category : Travel Journal

Havana: Day 2  0

DSC_3104Day two in Havana began with a fabulous breakfast at the Hotel Parque Central, where the buffet is not to be believed. The array of fresh fruits, baked goods,

Havana: Day 1  0

The first time I set foot on Cuban soil, in October of 2013, I fell in love. In love with the people, in love with the beauty and in love with the music.

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Havana, how I’ve missed you!  0

imageHavana,how I’ve missed you! Well, we have arrived! Our group has checked in at the Parque Central and has begun to explore the city. There are 11 of us and things couldn’t be more perfect.

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Getting ready for Havana  0

DSC_2460I’m getting ready to take my first group to Cuba next week. There are a dizzying number of details to review and confirmation letters to write. I’ve been organizing,

Sonoma Wine Passsport Weekend  0


FullSizeRenderThis weekend we attended a wonderful wine festival in Sonoma, California. I would highly recommend that you attend this annual event next year if you enjoy extraordinary wines paired with unique and delicious food bites,

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Planning a trip abroad with A Broad Abroad  0

DSC_0021 6For me, planning a trip abroad is the beginning of the overall travel experience. Researching the places I have chosen to visit is an exciting time of discovery. Carefully sorting through the points of interest within a particular city or learning its history becomes more exciting when you know you will be soon walking its streets.

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Napa Valley  0

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to Napa in many years. Its cachet, hype, expense and snob-factor had put me off. It was over-exposed, commercial and crowded. I gave it up many years ago for the quaint charm of Paso Robles,

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Cuba is Opening  0


The news is wonderful today. The US Department of Treasury and Commerce announced historic changes slated to take effect n Friday, January 16, 2015.  You will no longer need a specific license to travel to the island and will now be allowed to use credit cards –

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