Running from the Spanish city of Duruelo de la Sierra to Portugal’s city of Porto, lays a cultural and historic treasure. For over two thousand years, this region has been producing Portuguese fortified wine, making it the world’s most distinguished wine region. The Douro Valley is a hidden gem that is waiting for you to uncover, so pack your bags and get ready to experience a wine wonder of the world. 


The Douro Valley has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001, and its rich history has led to this accomplishment. In 1861, Joseph Forrester, an English wine merchant, drowned in his boat while in route down the Douro River in hopes of reaching the Douro Valley. At the time, the valley was so remote that the only way to reach it was through the white water rapids. Twelve years after the death of Joseph Forrester, construction began on a single railroad track. This revolutionary achievement connected the vineyards of Douro Valley to the city. 


Whether you choose to reach the valley by car, boat or train, the scenery will not disappoint. The short trip from Porto to the Douro Valley is characterized with rustic estates surrounded by lush valleys. 


Once you make your way deep into the region, you’ll notice the Douro River splits the valley in half. This river was once used to transport the wine from the valley to Porto, where it would be stored and aged. 


And now for the good stuff. The wine, of course. It’s no wonder why the Douro Valley is known for its wine tourism. The famous, fortified, Port wine is the reason the Douro Valley carries Portugal’s highest wine classification. Denominação de Origem Controlada, or DOC, is the protected designation of origin, and more importantly, the reason that this wine region is highly acclaimed. 


Port wine is often enjoyed as a dessert wine, infused and aged with flavors ranging from raspberry and blackberry, caramel and cinnamon. However, Port wine isn’t the only wine that the Douro Valley produces. Rich red wines, and Vinho Verde white wines are some of the finest table wines that you’ll ever taste.


Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a picnic and wine tasting at a historic family vineyard. Or spend a day learning about how the Douoro Boys have advanced the region’s red and white wine production at the Quinta do Vallado and Quinta do Crasto wineries. 


There are endless opportunities to try wine from around the world, but there is only one special opportunity to visit the world’s most distinguished wine region. Visit to start booking your extravagant wine tour through the beautiful Douro Valley of Portugal.