How many times have you experienced the dreaded airport layover? We know the feeling. Frustration, anxiety and anticipation, just because that final destination is, you guessed it, a layover away. 


Sitting around in a crowded airport, watching the clock tick is one way to waste time, but most definitely not an exciting activity. It’s happened to all of us before, but imagine if you could’ve used that time to explore a new city? It’s time to think about layovers in a different way, because when A Moveable Feast Travel, LLC. plans your journey, your experience can be maximized in a limited amount of time. 


Whether you have a few hours, or a full day, there is no need to twiddle your thumbs waiting for that plane to take off. This is a perfect opportunity to visit a museum, try some new cuisine or just explore a new culture. While some cities are better for these layover adventures than others, we can ensure that no time will be wasted. With fast and easy transportation arrangements, you’ll be whisked out of the airport and into the city in no time. 


Planning for these types of travel arrangements can be strenuous, especially when you’ve just planned a full get-away on the other end of the layover. But that’s why, with the help of A Moveable Feast Travel, LLC., you don’t need to worry about any of the logistics. From dinner reservations to a sightseeing tour, it will all be pre-planned for you in a snap of the fingers. 


Think of all of the times that you’ve “been to a new country,” but never stepped out of the airport terminal. We’re going to guess that’s happened quite a few times. But now think of all of those countries you could’ve actually explored, even if it was just for a couple of hours. Maximizing this type of travel hold-up will lead to even better stories and memories. 


Instead of thinking of a layover as an inconvenience, think of it as part of your adventure. There’s a big chance that the once-dreaded layover can turn into one of the best parts of your vacation. 


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