Being associated with Virtuoso travel consortium means luxury, experience, and expertise. Connecting travelers to some of the worlds best travel advisors in the world, Virtuoso is an industry leader that ensures you’ll be traveling like a VIP.  But what makes Virtuoso so special is the opportunities it gives world-renowned travel advisors. They’re given the resources and connections to create extravagant and personalized journeys for their clients. 


A Moveable Feast Travel’s skilled travel advisor, Janice Chieffo, is a part of the large network of Virtuoso travel advisors. Incorporating her education and travel knowledge into every trip she creates, Janice is constantly exploring the newest, hottest, and most luxurious spots all around the world aiming to produce the highest quality experiences possible. And thanks to Virtuoso Travel Week, she can make that all happen. 


For the past 31 years, Virtuoso travel advisors head to one of the world’s biggest conferences to learn about, experience and shop for your next journey. Las Vegas in August is where it’s all happening.


Over 2,200 hotels, resorts and tour operator representatives are sent to prove why their travel amenity is the best. Travel advisors get a first-hand look at all of the hottest travel options in order to provide the best, most personalized choices for their clients. 


Not only are Virtuoso travel advisors presented a multitude of travel opportunities, but this week provides the chance to network with a variety of different people. From other travel advisors to 5-star resort representatives, Virtuoso Travel Week is all about making memorable connections.  


Sharing stories during social events and meetings is the best way to learn about unique experiences. Last year, travel week attendees participated in over 300,000 meetings, networking appointments, social events, and professional development events. 


Virtuoso Travel Week aims to educate their advisors about the best of the best. Virtuoso’s goal is to provide eye-opening, one of a kind travel experiences for people all around the world, and the best way to do that is through Virtuoso travel advisors. Their unique experiences help guide clients in the best possible direction by making sure all needs are met, and expectations are surpassed. 


As an industry leader, Virtuoso takes traveling to a whole new level. A Moveable Feast Travel understands that traveling the world is a privilege. That’s why you have to do it in the best way possible. Whether you want a relaxing spa vacation in Bali, Indonesia, or an adventure-driven safari getaway in South Africa, A Moveable Feast Travel will ensure that it is your best travel experience yet. 


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