If you love truffles, you’ll love Taverna Lucifero in Rome. I recently visited the altar to truffles on a chilly evening in Campo dei Fiori – and I’m sure that I will never be the same. My dear friend Rodelio, a world renowned chef was meeting me for an aperitivo and light snack before dinner. While enjoying some fresh Buffalo mozzarella and a Campari, he suggested that we try a new restaurant owned by his dear friend. Since I am always up for an adventure, I jumped at the chance.

A few short steps away, we began to smell the rich aroma of black truffles wafting through the air.

The smell became more fragrant as we approached the restaurant. Once we entered and looked at the tables filled with local Romans, I knew this would be a meal to remember. The menu was replete with truffes. Truffles atop steak, truffles atop pasta, truffles atop gnocchi stuffed with burrata cheese. There was truffle cheese fondue and veal scallopini with truffles. Decisions, decisions and more decisions.

When you dine with a chef, it’s impossible to order just one entree per person. A chef wants to try everything on the menu. And so, while in Rome, I went with the flow. I wasn’t disappointed – by anything. The pasta, the gnocchi, the steak, the fondue, and everything else. I highly recommend Taverna Lucifero on your next visit to Rome. Taverna Lucifero is located at Via del Pellegrino, 51, 00186 Roma RM, Italy, +39 06 6880 5536.